Shawna Young

Shawna has the critical responsibility of ensuring the firm’s adherence to relevant regulations and industry standards. With a robust background in senior compliance positions and a proven track record as a trusted leader in the field, Shawna has a key role in shaping and maintaining the culture of compliance at Verecan. 

Shawna takes a proactive approach to compliance by developing and implementing comprehensive policies and procedures. This ensures that all Verecan Group companies meet and exceed regulatory requirements and industry standards. She collaborates closely with senior management of each division to ensure that compliance considerations are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of business decisions while maintaining the highest ethical standards. 

Shawna sat on IIROC’s NS District Council for eight years and served as Chairperson representing Nova Scotia on IIROC’s National Advisory Committee for two years. 

Here is a fun fact about Shawna that you might not know — she’s a huge Walt Disney World fan. She loves WDW for the quality of everything they do – from taking care of guests to honouring the past with little touches all around the parks to the completely immersive experience of being there. One of her favourite quotes is by Walt Disney, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” — we think that’s fitting based on her track record of getting results!