Financial Planning with Verecan Wealth

We know that not all financial service providers are human these days. And even some that are human don’t always seem it, but that’s not us. We understand human nature.

A good financial plan is more than just “getting your ducks in a row.” When we build a financial plan we start by helping you focus on creating realistic, achievable goals that suit you, as an individual, family or are crafted for your business. We’re not going to tell you to survive on ramen and your neighbour’s internet for the next 20 years to reach your financial goals. Unless you’re one of those very rare folks who view that kind of sacrifice as a really good time, life and financial planning are all about balance.

We figure out who you are and what you want out of life, and then we set about finding the best path to your goals. We provide personalized solutions around savings, investments, retirement planning, and more.

Our team will ensure nothing is overlooked and that you have a plan that will put you on a path for your best financial future. 

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